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Vishuddhi (Sanskrit for purity) - The fifth chakra

The fifth chakra can be found in the throat area and is important for our way of communicating through sound. Communication via sound is a need that every person has, the need to express our minds and to make contact with ourselves and others.

The way of expressing ourselves is largely a consequence of our character, but is important to everyone for the cleansing effect that it has. Where bad or no communication can cause barriers and blockages, good communication can actually get rid of these obstacles.

The fifth chakra can be seen as the connection between the heart chakra and the third eye, where it may ensure that neither of the two chakras can get the upper hand.

Overactivity in this chakra tends to speak too much, especially to keep people at a distance or to dominate. Someone with an overactive fifth chakra is a bad listener. If there is little activity in this chakra, then someone will not speak much and are probably shy and introverted.

The color that belongs to the fifth chakra is blue, the element is Ether and the constellations are Taurus and Gemini. The animal that is linked to this chakra is the elephant and the planet is Saturn.

Precious stones connected to the fifth chakra are: