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Sahasrara (Sanskrit for a thousandfold) - The seventh chakra

Sahasrara, Sanskrit for a thousandfold, is located just above the skull, close to our fontanelles. Right after birth the fontanelles were still open and there was the possibility of an open connection with the Divine.

The crown chakra is related to knowledge, the insight we want to achieve. An open crown chakra makes you open-minded, unbiased and aware of the world and ourselves. In addition, it stands for letting the earthly go, to clear the way for the Heavenly. Do not get entangled in the goalless to gather and nurture matter, but let go of the unrest that is caused by the fear of the loss of matter.

Is Sahasrara in balance, there is a feeling of peace and harmony. Imbalance in the crown chakra can lead to a rigid way of thinking, unawareness of your own spirituality or just 'being addicted' to spirituality and ignoring the physical needs.

The constellations connected to the seventh chakra are the Capricorn and Pisces, the corresponding planet is Neptunes and the colors are white, violet and gold. The animal that is connected with the Crown Chakra is the snake, the symbol for Kundalini.

Precious stones connected to the seventh chakra are: