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Muladhara (Sanskrit for root) - The first chakra

Muladhara is the Sanskrit word for root, hence the first chakra is also called Root Chakra. The Root chakra is located between the sphincter and the tailbone, at the base of the spine. It stands for our basis and the connection between our physical body and the earth. A well-functioning Root Chakra provides stability in every situation of life and assures us of a firm connection to the earth, both physically and spiritually.

If the root chakra is not in balance, complaints can be experienced as concentration problems, hypersensitivity, anxiety and a strong urge for a safe environment. You can feel unwelcome on earth and therefore not feel grounded. It is an important chakra in our search for who we are and what we really want, our self-awareness.

Zodiac signs associated with the first chakra are; Aries, Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn. The element for this chakra is earth, the matching color is red. Mercury is the planet associated with the first chakra, the elephant is the animal that is coupled to the Root Chakra.

Precious stones connected to the first chakra are: