Chakra (Sanskrit for circle or wheel) is an important energy center in our body. The origin of the teachings about the chakras can be found in ancient India. A chakra can be represented as a rotating wheel of energy, which helps with the flowing of the life energy through your body. The life energy flows into the body from the Divine or Cosmic Consciousness and is divided by the chakras through the body.

In the west, a chakra system with 7 chakras is best known, but there are also systems with more or fewer chakras. Based on the system of 7 chakras, 6 chakras are based on the spine and the seventh chakra just above the body.

Each chakra has its own meaning and different properties and an imbalance in one of the chakras can ensure that our lives are not in balance and that we experience various physical and mental disorders.

Muladhara (Sanskrit for root)

This is the first chakra and is located near the tailbone. It is also called the root chakra and has to do with a feeling of stability, feeling secure and safe and with connecting with the earth.
Swadhistana (Sanskrit for sweetness)

The second Chakra is also called the Sacral Chakra. It lies just below the navel and stands for (expressing) emotions, sexuality and creativity and moving with the flow of life.
Manipura (Sanskrit for brilliant jewel)

Self-esteem, having control over yourself and taking responsibility are the most important characteristics of the third chakra. This chakra is located just above the navel and is also called the navel Chakra or solar plexus Chakra (Solar Plexus).

Anahata (Sanskrit for unharmed)

Because of its location in the heart region, the fourth chakra is also called the heart chakra. Love and compassion towards yourself and others, security and trust are the central themes of this chakra.
Vishuddhi(Sanskrit for purity)

The fifth Chakra is near the larynx and is therefore also called the Throat Chakra. Important in this chakra is to let yourself be heard, to have the strength to speak the truth.
Ajna (Sanskrit for knowing)

The Third Eye or Forehead Chakra lies between the eyebrows and means knowing, a well-developed intuition and the ability to listen to your own inner voice.
Sahasrara (Sanskrit for a thousandfold)

Located just above the body, close to the crown, this chakra stands for unity and inspiration from the Divine or Cosmic Consciousness.