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Anahata (Sanskrit for unharmed) - The fourth chakra

Anahata is the chakra of the heart, the heart chakra. This chakra can be found on the sternum and is the middle chakra of the seven chakras. This chakra tries to keep everything in balance, heaven and earth meet in love. This love is transported by the heart chakra through our bodies and live.

Love and vulnerability are therefore the most important for this chakra. Love to others, but also love to yourself. In love you have to determine your limits and not by fear or expectations of others. Being frank or being more generous, love is able to move mountains and remove barriers and obstacles.

A nice balance in your heart chakra ensures that you are compassionate, friendly and loving. You can enter into positive relationships and give trust and joy.

If there is no balance, it can lead to a feeling of loss and betrayal, intolerance to yourself and others, a lack of empathy, narcissism, depression and a love just given to become better yourself.

The color associated with this chakra is spring green, the element is air. From the zodiac the constellations bull and scale are connected to the heart chakra, just like the planet Venus.

Precious stones connected to the fourth chakra are: