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Ajna (Sanskrit for knowing) - The sixth chakra

The sixth chakra is between the eyebrows and is therefore also called the third eye. This chakra stands for insight, intuition and visualization. The third eye is your inner voice, the voice that can show you the way.

If the third eye is in balance, it may be possible to attain a higher consciousness, because the duality of life is transcended and the thoughts come to rest.

Disruptions in the sixth chakra can lead to a sense of futility, aimlessness, concentration problems and depression. If the chakra is over-active, it can lead to delusions, living in a fantasy world and hallucinations.

Another name for Ajna is also Shiva's Eye.

The element of Ajna is Light, the color is Indigo and the corresponding planet is Uranus. The constellations Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces are linked to the sixth chakra.

Precious stones connected to the sixth chakra are: